Wardrobe Wednesday: Whimsical Yet Professional

My latest request for a wardrobe idea comes from an old high school buddy of mine who wanted something for work. That may sound easy, but she works with children yet wants to look professional for the parents. She says:

Ok..how about a work outfit for a pediatric speech therapist...keeping in mind I want to portray warmth, professionalism, a bit of whimsy and..oh yeah, I get bubbles dumped in my lap almost daily...the challenge is on!

I cheated and put together two options just in case I'm totally off the mark with this challenge. The first one is purple, pretty, professional, yet comes with dark pants to hide the spilled bubbles, and flats for lots of running around with kids.

This one is a bit casual, but the denim will hide those spilled bubbles too, and you get your whimsical on with the bubble scarf and bright orange accessories.

That one was hard. How did I do?



1 comment:

Regina said...

I love you! Its perfect! Now....I just need a raise! heehee..you can be my personal shopper!


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