Kidisms - Embarassing Huz to No End

It's been a while since I did a "Claireisms" post and now I need to add Charlotte to the silly verbage posts!


Everything with 4 legs is a "Foof!" and then she bids it goodbye, "bye, dee!" in a sweet sing song voice.

She says "shish" for fish, "cah, cah" for bird, "mow" for kitty, "hoo, hOO" for owl, and "ah, ah, ah" for monkey.

Sometimes she goes off on paragraph-long babbles, "dub-dub-dubdubdub-dub," and then makes what Claire calls her "wide eyes" at us.

When you say creepy to her she makes a monster sound "quee-quee-quee."


"I'm a ec-tective. I figure out things!"

When asked what her favorite part of her birthday was, she replied (and I quote):
"Walking the plank, no!, playing treasure map, I mean finding the treasure, treasure hunt! Get it? Treasure hunt. Trea-sure h-u-n-t." (As if I'm the one who can't get it out in one simple thought.)

Randomly at meal times, Claire has been rocking the air guitar.

And, just now, out of the blue she goes, "bow chica wow wow!" (Oh my God, where did she hear (me) say that!?)

And, saving the best for last, Claire is definitely of the age where she notices sexual differences and because Huz is the only non-girl in the house, he gets the brunt of this. When she spied him getting out of the shower sometime last year she asked him, "what's that humongous thing hanging out of your 'gina?" And, more recently, she saw him going to the bathroom and asked him "what's that spout thing?"

Hahahahaha! My kids crack me up and I just HAD to document it here!

Here we are on Wednesday night.





Southern Queen of the Crazies said...


Sister Katie said...

Hey at least Claire didn't say "What is that tiny thing hanging out of his gina"...?


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