So Much

I literally have so much going on in my life that I tried to mail a thank you note to my sister (for the gift she got Claire for her 5th bday) without a stamp on it and the post office sent it back with an ugly red stamp on it.


I am really struggling to NOT be a perfectionist when it comes to these pre-reqs (and I have to remind myself that's all they are), but I cannot accept anything less than a B. And there's nothing saying I'm going to get less than a B, but this online statistics class (read: no help from anyone but myself!) is kicking me in the tail. It takes SO much more time than I have. Not to mention the time/energy/mental-suck called Anatomy Physiology 2 class. The Human Growth and Development class is fine - I'm not worried about it - but juggling all of these things on top of being with an active, needy toddler 24/7 and a verbal, attention-needing 5-year-old 20/7 (3 hours of preschool in the mornings) is A LOT. I don't want to "lower" my expectations of myself, but I feel like I need to, or at least adjust them.

(And I'm supposed to be studying for the GRE and taking it by January 15th. Uh, right. )

Anyway, on the bright side, this semester will be over in 5 weeks (THANK GOD!) and then I can breathe a bit easier before figuring out the next step. That part is no less stressful, as Huz and I have no idea if he has a job here in St. Louis past this coming July. Somebody pray for us!!

Things to look forward to:

Thanksgiving - not only do I get a few days off from class, but my mom and step-dad are driving here from Colorado again. That always make it feel like a real holiday and Huz will be making a delicious smoked turkey again while I make some fabulous dessert. I'm thinking of making this yogurt cheesecake. Yum, right?

Christmas - as usual, we're flying home to Colorado to spend the holidays with our families. We so rarely get to see them that it's always a treat. We're staying nearly 2 weeks this year and we're all looking forward to the get away. Also, Huz and I will be celebrating EIGHTEEN years of marriage next month and are planning an awesome night away (NO KIDS!!) to celebrate. I cannot wait.

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