Wishlist 2012

Hi there! So Thanksgiving came and went and it was a wonderfully full (get it? full!? I crack myself up!) weekend with cooking, delicious food, and family visiting. And now I'm back into the crazy end of semester studying, exam-taking, all while watching my children madness!

I wanted to take a moment to make a list of gift ideas for the girls, as it was requested by some grandparents! Note: IF you decide to get any of these things, PLEASE tell me right away so that Santa doesn't duplicate anything!!! :)


All of a sudden she's asking for every single toy in the Toy Story movie. Since the big, interactive ones go for about $30 - 40 a pop (CRAZY!), I'm thinking this set might be more realistic. SANTA GOT HER THIS SET!!

(Update: Who knew that I'd find the bigger ones at the Disney Store for LESS than Amazon!? $20!)

Claire has carried around her little teddy bear for years and continues to do so. She'd LOVE to get some matching clothes for her and her teddy! Or even just more clothes for teddy since she steals doll clothes to dress her.

Maybe this:
 Or this:

I always want to increase her book collection with age-appropriate, educational books. A friend and colleague of Huz's showed me this site where I found a bunch of excellent choices, such as:

The Best of Girls To The Rescue

The Magic Nesting Doll


I haven't even seen this yet, but Huz took her to see it when it came out and I know it has an excellent, strong, independent message for young girls.


I really think BOTH of my girls would love one of these spinny chair thingies ("Kid O Bilibo") and I can picture them spinning like tops all over the wood floors of my kitchen. :)


My little one is now 19 months old and could really use practice with her language and fine motor skills. With that in mind, I would love for her to have:

Latches Board

Touch and Teach Turtle

Learning Laptop

Remember this old school toy? :)

If you wanted to know what's on the adult lists, here you go. :)

For Huz the gift is easy: that he KEEP HIS JOB!! Or Amazon gift certificates for his huge library and/or XBOX 360 game collection, or cool dress socks, or nice ties for work.

For me? Anything to promote relaxation and freedom from stress! Free babysitting, spa gift certificates, candles, bubble bath, an electric blanket (our room is the COLDEST in the house!!), warm slippers, massage chair/wand things, etc.


Jenski said...

Kohls had one of those massage chair mats that you put in a chair you already have - brilliant!

I came across a new girl engineering book/toy - Goldiblox. Keep you eyes out for them for next year because they aren't out yet!

VW said...

Thanks for the tip! If they aren't out yet, how do you know about them? :)

Jenski said...

Pinterest. :-)


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