Gym Socks and Sports Bras

It's January so let me discuss gym socks, sports bras and body image for a moment.

Why didn't anybody ever tell me what would happen to "the girls"- my greatest asset - after two pregnancies? Seriously, people. The boob meat was fine after having Claire, but after Charlotte? I am unfortunately sporting a couple of gym socks now. GYM SOCKS. Huz says they're fine, but I know better.

So it comes at a fitting time in my life that my one-and-only sports bra that actually fits and prevents The Dreaded Bounce died a horrible death. I bought this bra years ago in a Chicago running store, so it was seriously old and due to die. When it melted in my mom's dryer in Colorado over Christmas I suddenly was in dire need for another one because I can't go to the gym with my gym socks all a bouncing! So I went looking online for the perfect sports bra especially because, as most of us probably are nowadays, I've just renewed my gym membership. I wanted underwire for support, something that offers more than the "compression" thing (I don't want an ace bandage wrapped around me making me have a huge uni-boob), I really wanted a razor back so I could buy some cute razor back yoga tops, and I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank. The whole unemployed and applying to graduate school thing prevents me from throwing down $60 on a bra, important as they are.

I found just what I needed, minus the razor back part, at Moving Comfort (coincidentally the same brand as my most recent, geriatric sports bra).

The Fiona (in Flamingo) will be my yoga bra, since it doesn't have an underwire and I bounce a tad when I run, but it still offers good medium support and separates. I scored it for only $27 which ain't bad considering it's usually $46.

The Maia will be my running bra. It's got an underwire, great separation, and no-bounce support. And it was a steal at $23!

What are your favorite sports bras? And did anyone tell YOU what would happen to your lovely boob meat after having kids? Did they????


Kelly said...

Moving Comfort have the best sports bras hands down!! Good choice! My philosophy has always been, if you don't spend much money on anything else for athletic gear, make sure you get a good sports bra!

Jenski said...

I'm pretty sure I have both of those! My girls have never been particularly perky sans children, sadly.

Cathy Anderson said...

Leaves no lines- smooth soft material- no shrinkage after washing
I would not recommend playtex 18 hour 4049 bra


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