Bangs, Bangs, The Wonderful World of Bangs

Hey all!

I decided that, seeing how it had been 3 months since a pair of scissors touched by hair, it was time; well over time to get it trimmed. And I was ready for a bit of a change - hell, what in my life hasn't  changed in the past few months (job loss, move to another state, living with parents instead of on our own, new job, etc. etc. etc.). So it was time for my hair to get in on the changaroo action!

Looking for ideas, I found this old shot of me with bangs (taken about 2 years ago when I was still on honeymoon with St. Louis).

And so I decided to get some bang action going. I found an Aveda salon in Denver and had about 3 inches cut off since it had gotten suuuuuper long in my neglect. Here I am at a bar with my dear kindergarten - 12th grade girlfriends who flew into town for a mini reunion BEFORE:

And here I am at another bar (on a different night) with my buddies sporting my new fringe AFTER. You likey? I do. :)


Jenski said...

I haven't had bangs since 4th grade. They scare me, but yours look great!

Eric's Mommy said...

Super cute!


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