Home Owning and Decorating

As I am about to own another older home in less than a week (eeee! so excited!!),
I am obsessed with painting and decorating and renovating on the cheap, because I
love doing these things AND because the 1952, original owner home really needs
some modern touches to feel like ours.

I am considering using the new rugs and curtains I bought for our bedroom last
year and using them in the living room to mix things up. The curtains are a pretty
faux silk blue with orange undertones. With that in mind, what color walls do you
think would look the best?

living room color scheme

The reason I am loaning the bedroom stuff to the living room is because I've
decided to paint our bedroom gray again - like we did in Nashville right before
moved away. I never got the chance to enjoy the lovely Sherwin Williams Dovetail
gray before moving, so I want to enjoy the clean, cool color again. 

Here's what I'm thinking - the photo and the bedroom are my inspiration pieces. 

I just bought the mustard yellow duvet from West Elm and I already own the 
candle holder. What do you think?



Jenski said...

I love to duvet. I'd vote for the bottom right color if you think you would repaint next time you want to overhaul the living room. Otherwise top right because it might be more flexible with a different color scheme. Have fun setting up your new home!

Keely Emery said...

Hello! Just checking in and catching up a little. How exciting to be decorating a new house! Congrats! :)

VW said...

Hi Keely! Long time no chat! :)


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