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I am in need of some storage advice. We got a new refrigerator that has 2 side-by-side doors after us being used to the wide single door with freezer on top. This means the space is much skinnier than I am used to, especially the door shelves. Consequently, our (many) glass bottles of Colorado-brewed beer (and hopefully soon Huz-brewed beer thanks to my Christmas gift to him) have no home. They can't stand up straight on the shelves because the space isn't tall enough. So I've got them on their sides stacked on top of each other, but as soon as you pull one out, you risk an avalanche of glass and beer.

I'm looking on Pinterest and find plenty of solutions for 2 Liters, which we NEVER buy, and wine, but I'm a red wine girl and don't chill my wine:

But I can't really find much for beer bottles, other than this mat which is basically what we're doing now.

Any other solutions you can help me with?


BeccaJean said...

What if you linked together some plastic glasses in the same pattern as the bottles would normally stack, but then you could remove any of the bottles and the pyramid would still stand? You'd have to hunt around for the right size glasses (i.e. just bigger than the bottles), but something like that might work.

BeccaJean said...

Kind of like this: http://www.rakastaka.co.nz/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51
But the holders would go all the way around (although this looks more stable than that mat thing you showed in the post).

Bean said...

my solution: minifridge just for beer! ;)

VW said...

Becca - I like that idea!

Bean - Huz LOVES your idea! :)

Bean said...

father's day.....


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